Tom was born in 2000 and has dark blonde hair, green or blue eyes, and massive deltoids. He likes to use all the phrases available on this wiki and is part dolphin. This happened when he was about 13 and Mason and Justin asked him if he wanted to be transformed into a dolphin. This was directly taken from the South Park episode "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" in which the character Kyle Broflovski's father undergoes dolphinoplasty.

Let us chronicle the timeline of Tom's bullshit.

Justin and Mason meet Tom.

Tom becomes a dolphin.

Tom causes a Dolph-nado.

Tom loses Mr. K's trust.

Mason eats pudding, and Tom is still mad for being blamed for the Dolph-nado.

Mason gets annoyed at Tom making fun of him.

Mr. K proceeds to befriend Tom and believes his pudding story.

Tom accuses Mason of liking Frances, when in reality Tom was the one who did.

Tom blames Justin for making fun of Mason.

Examples: Mason's grenade glitched and hit the door in H&G, Tom and Justin insult him.

Tom and Mason "Got back" at Justin by calling his GF an Ostrich, causing...

Tom and Justin "Got Back" at Mason by saying he rubs pudding on posters of Frances.

Tom ends the Skype call when Mason asks if Tom is his friend

Tom says he makes fun of Mason because he played as Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Tom does more of his bullshit

Tom goes on Modded Minecraft and tries to destroy Justin's oil

Tom kills Mason's ostrich

Tom tries to steal from Mason

Tom goes and lives with Colton

Justin and Mason steal from Colton, and Chin accidentally spills the beans to Tom

Tom tries to get into Chin's office during a meeting

When they try to get Tom banned, he changes his name

Tom tries to get them banned when they don't add him on Skype

Tom is fired from Chin & Sons Door Co.

They try to get Tom banned for harassment

Tom goes with them to Steel City Con, even when they tried to get him out of their group

They get Tom to play a part in Gnome Origins, but he ruins the filming and kills himself in-game

Justin, Mason, Chin, and Chase finally get fed up with Tom's bullshit and unfriend him on everything and In Real Life.

Tom is also obsessed with any girl who talks to him, including Cameron, Frances, Alexis, Julie, Trinity, etc. etc.

He tried to get into a relationship with both Cameron and Trinity, both a year younger than Tom.

He played guitar for Frances and Julie

He watched three episodes of Supernatural and then said he watched three seasons just to get Julie to like him.

He tried to talk to Alexis every day at lunch even though she thought he was annoying.

Tom now resides as a voice actor for the Thomas Show, Rest in peace Fuck you Tom.

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